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Hello World

Today is Today. . .It isn't Tomorrow. . .And it is not yesterday. . .Sometimes I wonder which one it would be better for it to be. . .then I think that there is no better time than now. . .Cause I can Change today more out of anything than yesterday and tomorrow.

Today I went all the way to Charleston to get my senior Pics done, and I must say that I had fun with it. Just hope that They turn out good. Although the photographers can't help it if they have a ugly subject to work with.

Gotta work tomorrow. . .My boss made up another buffet yesterday. Now we have buffets 4 days a week and then we have kareoke night on Saturdays which are always crazy packed. He wanted to call it the "hillbilly buffet", but then changed it to the "Country Buffet" I just kinda told him that "hillbilly" would be more appropriate. . .considering the location.
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